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Re: rpm & ssh - Will the 2 be incorporated w/ each other soon?

Thus spake Ian Alexander:
> Yes, of course that would work.  But checking the signature and updating
> are separate major modes of rpm, correct?  That is, you can't
> "--checksig -U ftp://foo.rpm";.  So you're reduced to checking the sig
> first, and then updating.  Which leaves you open to the attack.  You
> can't do "--checksig ftp://foo.rpm"; and then "-Uvh ftp://foo.rpm";
> because there's no guarantee that between the --checksig and the -U, the
> same file is being referenced.  Or am I missing something? (very
> possible)

What would be nice, I think, is if RPM supported something like the logic
structures like 'find'.  For local packages, this is of course unnecessary,
because you could do:

rpm --checksig foo.rpm && rpm -Uvh foo.rpm
(And of course use shell constructs for many packages)

But for ftp/http, you can't do this, so being about to do something like 

rpm --checksig ftp://foo.com/foo.rpm -a -Uvh

would be nice.  But then again, it would be nice to be able to do:

rpm -Fvh ftp://updates.redhat.com/6.2/i386/

but that's what other utilities are for...  So maybe just a wrapper would be

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