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Re: Problem with /bin/sh dependency

On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, A. Schirmacher wrote:

> I have compiled and installed rpm 2.5.6 on a Solaris
> box (I tried hard but I could not get a more recent
> version to compile or install, but that's another
> story).
> Rpm is used only to package website files for testing
> and delivery to the production site. Whenever I create
> a package, a dependency to /bin/sh is added (probably
> because rpm needs it internally). But as we are using
> rpm solely for html files, no rpm package having
> /bin/sh was ever installed. Therefore we have to use
> the --nodeps option for installing and verifying does
> not work too (all files are reported as not having the
> required /bin/sh dependency).
> Adding the autoreqprov: no tag does not help.
> How can I fix this behavior?
> Arne
The requirment for /bin/sh most likely comes from needing sh to run
scripts as part of the install.  Things like creating directories.

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