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2 bugs in rpmio (ftp)

First one is quite obvious. RPM uses ftp SIZE command
which is non standard. It's ok, since most servers
implemnt it, but when server, (conforming with rfc0959,
there is no single word about SIZE), says command
not understood, rpm drops connection. That's not ok.
I guess RPM needs some way to find out the size of file,
however with ftp it's not always possible. So i think
rpm should allow transfering file until it actually finish.

The second thing is that is remote server closes
connection rpm doesn't repopen it. It's quite important
when I'm using some tool to install packages, and 
when i'm selecting them, the remote server timeouts
due the inactivity.


                        Michał Moskal <malekith@pld.org.pl>

Keep me informed on the behaviour of this kernel..
As the `BugFree(tm)` series didn't turn out too well, I'm
starting a new series called the `ItWorksForMe(tm)` series,
of which this new kernel is yet another shining example.
	-- Linus, in the announcement for 1.3.29

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