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Re: MacRPM

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Sveinbjorn Thordarson wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm an up and coming Linux and MacOS software developer, and at the
> moment I'm working on an RPM decoder for MacOS.  The features of the
> program at the moment include reading all the tags and providing
> information about RPM packages.  However, I want to add a feature that
> allows users to extract the tar.gz archive from RPM packages.  As a
> reference while writing the program, I'm using the information in the
> RPM File Format chapter of Maximum RPM by Edward C. Bailey.  There he
> states that once the tags are read, I should search for the beginning of
> the tar archive, 1f8b in hex, and that the rest of the package is an
> archive.  However, if I extract the tar.gz archive from the package from
> the point I found 1f8b, I get a corrupted archive which neither MacOS
> nor Linux extractors will open.  Is the information in Maximum RPM out
> of date? If so, where can I find information about the changes?

What version of RPM was the rpm file you're using made from?  The actual
file format changed between RPM versions 3 and 4.  As far as I know,
there is nothing that details the new format except for the RPM source
and whatever's in jbj's head.


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