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Re: MacRPM

Hi again,

Does anyone know where I can find the specs of the CPIO archive format? 
I've searched pretty thoroughly but I can't find any proper programmer documentation.


Sveinbjorn Thordarson

Jim Knoble wrote:
> Circa 2001-Feb-25 18:35:39 +0000 dixit Sveinbjorn Thordarson:
>: The RPM verison is 3.0.  Still, if I copy everything after the start of
>: the tar archive into another file and try to extract, I get corruption
>: messages.  It's almost as if there's something at the end of the file
>: aside from the archive.
> Note that RPM package files contain a *cpio* archive, not a tar
> archive.  Try using cpio to unpack and see what you get.
> Lykke til.
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