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Re: RPM Limitations (was: while i'm at it)

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:36:52 -0800
"George Pajari" <George.Pajari@Faximum.com> wrote:

> While we have little choice but to live within the restrictions of the
> existing RPM approach (at least for the foreseeable future), it is
> pretty
> obvious that not paying any attention to the need to configure software
> is a major shortcoming of the RPM architecture.

It's a shortcoming of Linux installation technology certainly. I still think
putting this into a package manager is absolutely insane. How do you
reconfigure the package? Remove it and reinstall it? Please.

Someone needs to write a tool that does this properly. It needs GUI, TUI,
and scriptable elements, and it needs to support reconfiguration in a
nice way. Making rpm packages contain the information that tool needs
and information so RPM (or another tool) can automatically run that
as part of package installation does make sense, but putting a complete
configuration engine in RPM absolutely does not. Just allowing tty input
does not solve the configuration problem in any reasonable fashion.

> There are many (and increasing) situations where one does not want
> anyone to
> be able to telnet (or ssh) to the server nor gain shell access. Forcing
> that
> merely to configure a software product is an tacit admission that the
> rpm
> tool is wholly unable to meet the requirements of the installation
> (which by
> any reasonable definition must include basic configuration) of
> server-based
> software products.

Umm, how do you connect to the machine to install packages?


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