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Re: RPM Limitations (was: while i'm at it)

amidon@caldera.com (Mark Amidon) writes:

> Simon J Mudd wrote:
> > It would also help enormously if the different RPM distributions could
> > come up with standard ways of using rpm with their distributions.
> You mean, like this?
> <http://www.linuxbase.org/> (The Linux Standard Base homepage.)
> <http://www.linuxbase.org/usinglsbdev.html> (LSB Development tools doc)
> (If you don't mean like that, what do you mean?)

I looked at the FHS docs some time ago.  I hadn't seen the second
link.  Thanks for the pointer.  I like the lsbdev package which is
supposed to exist. It's certainly not provided on my RH72 CDROMs. :-(

> Simon J Mudd wrote:
> > I don't know how to tell the spec file something like the following:
> > 
> > Need for redhat-release >= 7.2: db31
> >          redhat-release <  7.2 && redhat-release > 7.0: db3
> By and large, you don't.  Instead, you build:
> 	simonspkg-n.x-1.RH72.i386.rpm
> 	simonspkg-n.x-1.RH71.i386.rpm
> 	simonspkg-n.x-1.RH70.i386.rpm
> The easiest way to do this is to create a script which will
> automagically modify the %{release} and "Requires" fields in your .spec
> file and then kick off the build.

That's what I do now, and currently it also tries to keep up with 6.x too.
Some packages can get quite long if they have a 

	...1.rh72.ldap.pcre.mysql.sasl.i386.rpm extension

but oh well.

Thanks for the pointers.  I'll study up on them.

Simon J Mudd, Madrid SPAIN.   email: sjmudd@pobox.com
Tel: +34-91-408 4878,   Mobile: +34-605-085 219

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