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Best method of changing permisions...

Hi All,

I would like to create a package that would be used to change the
permsions of various files on a system.  Its easy enough to do
this via chmod in a post or pre scriptlet, and make the thing 
dependent on any rpms that contain the files it would change to
insure proper order of install, but by using the chmod command I
have basicly lost the ability to verify these files via the rpm

I did think of possibly repackaging the files whose 
permissions we wish to change.  That seems kind of ugly 
for two reasons:

	- I would probably end up repackaging a lot of files.
	  Think really big package of stuff already on the system.
	- I am not sure how RPM handles files owned by two 

So is there a way to update the RPM database such that the changed
permissions would be seen as the right permissions?  Should
there be a way of doing this?


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