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Re: skipping macros or sections

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 05:43:50PM -0800, paul company wrote:
> I'm trying to package a program that doesn't use "configure" or "make".
> So, basically I need to skip the %build section.
> I tried commenting out %build, but this is what I  get:
> ...
> + [ -f configure.in ]
> + ./configure --host=sparc-sun-solaris2.6
> --target=sparc-sun-solaris2.6-gnu --prefix=/usr/local
> --exec-prefix=/usr/local --bindir=/usr/local/bin
> --sbindir=/usr/local/sbin --sysconfdir=/usr/local/etc
> --datadir=/usr/local/share --includedir=/usr/local/include
> --libdir=/usr/local/lib --libexecdir=/usr/local/libexec
> --localstatedir=/usr/local/var --sharedstatedir=/usr/local/com
> --mandir=/usr/local/man --infodir=/usr/local/info
> /var/local/tmp/rpm-tmp.32272: ./configure: not found
> error: Bad exit status from /var/local/tmp/rpm-tmp.32272 (%prep)
> Why is the %prep section trying to do "./configure"?

When you commented out %build, the contents of the build scriptlet
were appended to the %prep scriptlet.

> Also, some notes say the %build section has no macros, yet I read on
> this mailing-list
> that it has a %configure macro. What's up with that?

Actually %build is a section marker, not a macro, what's confusing
is the abuse of a '%' marker.

And the doco is probably referring to yet-another-abuse of '%', in
what I call macros-implemented-in-C, that further abuses the term
"macro". Yes, %setup/%patch, 2 of the macros-implemented-in-C, cannot
be used in the the %build section.

HTH. You did ask :-)

73 de Jeff

Jeff Johnson	ARS N3NPQ
jbj@jbj.org	(jbj@redhat.com)
Chapel Hill, NC

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