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Re: relocation of rpmpopt -- which is a subproblem of relocating rpm itself

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 07:07:45PM +0100, Markus Pilzecker wrote:
> We have the situation here, that on a large filesystem subject to some
> nfs mounting, we have subtrees, that are separately managed by rpm.  
> On the non-Linux machines, there are no rpm-installations under
> /usr/... .  The have to reside there under another installation root.
> While it is not a problem to account for the various package database
> locations via separate rc- and macro-files, it seems not to be possible
> to instruct an rpm-binary to search for
> ${installation_root}/lib/rpm/rpmpopt-... at another place than
> ${installation_root}=/usr.


> This has the undesirable consequence, that the non-native options like,
> e.g., ``-qi'' are undefined.  
> Does anybody have an idea, how to overcome this problem?  

	cat /usr/lib/rpm/rpmpopt-4* >> /etc/popt
	cat /usr/lib/rpm/rpmpopt-4* >> ~/.popt

should do what you want.

73 de Jeff

Jeff Johnson	ARS N3NPQ
jbj@jbj.org	(jbj@redhat.com)
Chapel Hill, NC

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