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Re: just build the package, no prep,build,install

Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:

> Kai Reichert <kai.reichert@udo.edu> writes:
>> Hi !
>> Let's assume I've already done the prep, build and install stages.
>> I don't wanna touch my spec file again, instead I just want to let rpm
>> build the package.
>> For example I have manually done those steps before, and because I'm the
>> developer of that package I certainly know it's correct and all files
>> have been installed properly.
>> Is there a way to tell rpm to JUST build the package, without going
>> through the prep,build and install stages ???
> Not that I have found (so far :).  The --short-circuit option only works
> with -bi, -bc.
> This is apparently to make sure that everything is clean with no chance of
> anyone fudging the BUILD tree ;)
> rpm -ba <spec file>   go for coffee
> Regards, KBK

I find a way out, but it could be easier if the developer just add a new very simple command line flag ...

I issue the rpm -bs xx.spec   command to build just the source-package.
Then I remove all those build steps (%prep,%build,%instal,..) out of my spec file and issue the command  
rpm -bb xx.spec

A hand-made workaround so to speak :-)


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