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Re: two questions about how RPM handles cpu arch and versions of packages MJB

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 11:45:26AM -0500, mike wrote:
> Greetings,
> I read in the docs that if I use the command:
> rpm -i *
> in a directory with several rpm's, that RPM will automatically determine the 
> correct order of installation to satisfy dependencies, and that it will also 
> install the newer version of an rpm if more than one version is present.  
> However, the docs only mention "version" in terms of release-version, and 
> say nothing about the cpu-architecture-version of a package.
> If I have a directory with these two files:
> mygame-3.0.i386.rpm
> mygame-3.0.i686.rpm
> the release-version is the same, only the cpu architecture is different.  
> Does RPM automatically install the 'higher'-cpu version, if my cpu can handle 
> it?

rpm does exactly what you ask it to do in this case, and will install
both packages. Last package metioned is what will be present on the
file system (iff you survive the installation).

> And, if I have these files:
> mygame-3.0.i386.rpm
> mygame-2.0.i686.rpm
> the release-versions are different, and the cpu-versions are different, but 
> in opposite directions.  Which does RPM prioritize?


73 de Jeff

Jeff Johnson	ARS N3NPQ
jbj@jbj.org	(jbj@redhat.com)
Chapel Hill, NC

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