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Re: rpmdb is very messed up

Aparently, my gloriously stupid accounting of linux syste administration was
please follow this link to see the full stupidity.


Is anyone impressed with my stupidity? You see, I tried to -U to
4.0.3 because I was getting package dependancy errors begging for
4.0. So I oblige by upgrading and then find that my rpmdb versions
from rpm3 and rpm4 don't jive. Well, I scour the web and find a guy
who has similar problem with long thread posted by about 4 or 5
people. I follow their lead to do the conversion and end up with any
rpm request coming back with this:

[root@l... rpm]# rpm -qa |fgrep -i fileutils
/usr/lib/rpm/rpmq: error in loading shared
libraries: /usr/lib/rpm/rpmq: undefined symbol: poptAliasOptions

Is there a way to drop back ten yards and punt? I need desparately
to upgrade several rpms that the old SA didn't attend to. Horrible
bleeding security problems. Is there a way to install a new rpm*rpm
and forgo fixing this one if it is totally trashed?

Thanks for any help!

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