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Re: a follow up - the subject of easier installs just happened to./

> I haven't tried apt-rpm, but if rpmfind (the command-line client) would ever
> work properly for me, that would be a great solution, since I use the
> webclient to find almost all the rpms I'm looking for. 
> The problem with "solutions" like Red Carpet is they are not flexible enough
> even for non-power users, since there are many cases where custom (that is,
> non-distribution) rpms confuse Red Carpet so that it either can't install
> packages, or wants to remove a bunch of packages you already have installed
> for some reason. 

This is hardly a Red-Carpet problem.  It's a problem with the other 
packages.  There are a *lot* of badly done packages out there.  If they're 
done badly, of course they risk confusing rpm, apt-get or red-carpet or 
any other solution out there.  I'll state again: it's the PACKAGES, not 
the PACKAGE MANAGER, that is to blame.

As for your comment re: non-power users, I don't really agree.  A normal 
user using red-carpet should (and probably will) stick to stuff provided 
by his distribution.  So he won't have the badly behaving packages in the 
first place.  No single software or packaging tool will ever protect a 
user against himself, and it's not because a user *can* install a bunch of 
crap packages that he also *should* do so.  In any case, it's not fair to 
blame the package managers.

Debian users are pretty snobbish about their packages, but IMO they just 
were lucky that their package tool is not used by more distros.  I'm sure 
that if other distros were using apt, you would get the same issues on 
debian-based systems.



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