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Re: upgrading a live server without rebooting

And lo, upon Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 11:35:36AM +0200, Stefano Tabacchiera spaketh thusly:
> Hi there,
> is it possibile, by only using rpm -Uvh --somethingIDontKnow *.rpm,
> to upgrade remotely (by ssh) a whole RH7.1--->RH7.3 live server??
> I can't reboot the server and upgrade using Kickstart from a RH boot cd.
> I'm on ssh, so I need to do this while the server is up and running.
> I can put the server in single mode. Not more than this.
> Anyway, my problem is:
> when I try to simply issuing rpm -Uvh *.rpm, it complains about some missing 
> files/failed dependencies. I don't want to install *everything*, but just 
> upgrading the existing packages.
> Tips are welcome.
> Thanks all.

If it helps any, my experience with ssh is that even when the ssh
server is upgraded, it maintains any active connections.


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