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How to install a bunch of RPMS if some are already installed?

Hi all,

Hopefully this is easy and I've just overlooked something, but I've
checked man pages, mailing lists, FAQs, etc. to no avail.  Here's what I
want to do:

I have a directory with a collection of RPMS in it.  I need to install
ALL of these RPMS on my machine.  The caveat is that SOME are already
installed.  So the behavior I'm looking for is:

- If a package isn't installed, install it.
- If a package is installed, but is older, upgrade it.
- If a package is installed and the same version as the one in the
directory, do nothing.

What rpm command can give this behavior?  rpm -i or -U will complain
that some packages are already installed and refuse to install the
others.  rpm -F won't install/upgrade anything that's not already
installed.  And I can't find an option to tell -i or -U to continue even
if some packages are already installed.

Any hints, suggestions, workarounds, etc. GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Alan Hagge

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