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Re: How to install a bunch of RPMS if some are already installed?

Circa 2002-Jul-26 09:27:46 -0700 dixit Alan Hagge:

: I just found it hard to believe that no one else is doing upgrades
: this way:
:     * Create a directory containing all of the "add-on" packages that
:       you want every machine to have (in addition to their "standard"
:       install).  This would contain 3rd-party apps not incorporated into
:       the RedHat distros, etc.
:     * Once a (day|week|etc.) run an rpm command on each client to ensure
:       that it was up-to-date with any changes to this "add-on" list.
:        Then pushing new software out to all of your systems becomes
:       simply a matter of dropping the rpm into this directory.  VERY
:       handy for administering a large group of machines.

Hmmm ... sounds like you might mean this:


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