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Re: RPM differences among distros (specifically Mandrake & RedHat)

Bill Rugolsky Jr. wrote:
It would not be difficult to create the "grand unified" macro file, and
for your personal system this might not be a bad idea.  Since I am building
RPM's for people other than just myself, I don't expect them to install
a special macro file, and so I end up editing the spec files.

What would be even nicer is if we had "BuildRequires: mdk-rpm-macros"
etc. in the spec files. :-)

BuildRequires: mandrake-release

Imperfect, but perhaps useful?


(Thinking aloud; feel free to ignore.)

BuildRequires: rpm = 4.0.3-10mdk
is obviously not optimal, but could provide something of a hint; better would be
BuildRequires: rpm matches *mdk and rpm >= 4.0
or something...

Seems like package versions could become a tuple of ( package, vendor, version ) with the ability to match in requires and conflicts sections on each of those.

And of course, someone would come up with a fourth element for that tuple, (like a vendor version), then a fifth would be close behind, (hmmm... Linux standard base version...). Ahhhh, the insanity. *grin*

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