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Re: Updating RPM ports to various platforms.

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 10:33:34AM -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 08:18:50AM -0700, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
> > After finding myself producing 'packages' for a couple of platforms
> > (IRIX et al) I decided I was tired of dealing with tar balls,
> > consistency problems, and a few 'other' issues. So I am off to port
> > my trusty friend RPM over to IRIX 6.5.15 so that I can get my job
> > done using one set of SRPMS (well maybe a small set of SRPMS) versus
> > trying to remember which patches went were, etc etc. 
> Hmmm, IRIX, neither I nor rpm have been there for years.

IRIX is the one platform where I haven't even considered because I like
the package system there. Only they don't have a strict build system
like rpm which can cause things like mozilla packager packaging his
~/.mozilla in and mutt not finding its help file because at build time
no-one specified --prefix and then the package was installed not into
/usr/local but /usr/freeware etc.

I use scripts (http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/hhaataja/en/comp/tardist/) to
make those to cope with that.

Well, back a little closer to the topic, I'd love to see something like
inst (and then swmgr ;) work with apt and rpm (and why not dpkg too).

In particular, software goes in (command-line or gui) sessions like:

1) Open multiple package sources
Well this is obviously a bit different since rpms don't come in depots
or bundles or anything. You could "open apt" "open /home/blades/rpms/"
etc to specify apt repositories and some dir.. anyway, step one

2) select remove/install/keep options
Any number of them. And both of them at the same time. Upgrades,
downgrades etc without executing them. Just make selections you want.
"keep *" "install foo=1.2 baz" "remove bar"

3) resolve dependencies
After step 2, run conflict and it runs the usual apt-style dependency
stuff, but then it presents the user with a list of suggestions how each
conflict may be resolved. User may respond with any number of answers.
"conf 1b 2a 5c" Running conf to resolve dependencies runs the check
again and presents a new set of conflicts (or none, ofcourse).

4) "go"
Runs all the installation. This could use apt for downloads ideally and
then, in seemingly one go, run the whole deal.

*) Also, you can run many different list options and see what you've
selected etc. And at no point will it ever stop with a promp you can't
run from (like £@$"#& dselect!). It gives ouy messages and user types in
commands (like lpc or xauth or whatever).

Some of these may seem a little funny if you never used inst. But I'd
love to have something like this. Running apt commands over and over and
trying to find a set of things that don't install QT in every turn :)
or downloading all the actual packages and typing mile-long rpm
commands is daunting and this might allow some special things (like both
unrelated install and remove at the same go) to be done as well.

I decided to finally write this down somewhere or I'll never get around
to it (as usual) :)

Hopefully even more on-topic, even for the thread:
Anyone tried getting a newer rpm (and then apt) to work in Aix?

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