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Re: Having problems with rpm --rebuild

David Stuart <dstuartspam@rogers.com> writes:

> warning: user rpm does not exist - using root
> warning: group rpm does not exist - using root

Ha! You beat me by 90 seconds!

> [snip]
> etc. etc. etc.
> now, if I look at the system, the user and group "rpm" appear to
> exist, yet it seems that rpm can't find them for some reason.. in
> fact, the files even look correct despite these warnings (although I'm
> not sure what the outcome is).. this is at least consistent (well,
> sort of) with the fact that rpm reports these files as having the
> wrong user and group ID..
> I even went so far as to delete the user and group "rpm" and re-create
> them under the same userID and groupID as before, but it didn't seem
> to make a difference.

But is user rpm a member of group rpm?

> Of course, I guess since I'm using rpm to install rpm, it could
> likely be the same issue..

rpm doesn't pay attention to gid, just group name.
> I'm grasping at straws here, but I have a custom-built kernel. Could
> there be anything in there that is messing this up? 

Depends on how you customized it  :)

Did you save the old kernel?  Can you reboot with the rescue disk you
(might) have made? 

> Do you remember the original program I submitted with my problem? It
> couldn't find the group, either..

Yes, I remember it.  gcc -static  flubbed.  

Run gdb on your program?  Boot with the old kernel and run the program?


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