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Re: Querying for transaction elements

checkout the file rpmte.c
you'll find a struct rpmtsi.

its a: "transaction element iterator"

I always kept track of my elements because; well;
I had to add them to a transaction set + I had 
to open the files in my callback; so I always 
had them handy. but I think the rpmtsi struct
will help you. (ofcourse you don't get the 
"by the book" answer you'd get from jeff but
I hope this helps ;-)


James Olin Oden wrote:
> Does anyone know how to query a transaction for the
> elements it has added?  I am looking at the rpm api
> docs (thanks again Jeff), and I see:
>         rpmtsInitIterator()
> But it seems to access the rpm db, which confuses me
> quite a bit because it make me think that is really to
> do queries to the database via a transaction.
> Thanks...james
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