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Re: Guidelines for multi-distro spec files?


I have created multi-disrto rpm for
RH7.2 , AS2.1 & suse
there were lots of dependencies but now its ready for market.

Need any info or help !!!!
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From: "Simon J Mudd" <sjmudd@pobox.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 2:02 PM
Subject: Re: Guidelines for multi-distro spec files?

> hal@reactivity.com (Hal Wine) writes:
> > I haven't seen anything besides "don't do it" in my googling, but I
> > figure someone has done it.
> >
> > How do folks create spec files to support different distributions of
> > linux? (e.g. RH AS and SuSE).
> >
> > I'm hoping to find a list of tips, such as "require files, not
> > packages, to get around naming differences".
> Others have already given you some pointers. I've been building
> Postfix for RH versions from 5.x-EL 3.0 (Yellowdog, Mandrake) with
> various optional bits like MySQL, TLS, pcre, ....
> This has been more of a hobby project than anything else especially
> since initially there was no Postfix RPM produced by anyone when I
> started this.
> Certainly the big problem in building a spec file which supports
> multiple distributions is that the dependencies change, the requires
> or buildrequires change, older versions of a distribution behave
> differently from newer versions and your spec file / scripts have to
> take these differences into account.  If you are lucky a package built
> on RH7 should work on all RH7.x versions, and maybe later, but often
> the library changes from one distribution version to the next mean
> that you need to build new binary rpms because of this.
> I imagine that multi-distribution spec files get worse the more
> distributions you add.  Of course you need to know the distributions
> quite well to ensure that everything works as expected and have test
> machines (or chroots) to do all the building.
> I finally use a postfix.spec.in file and a script which takes optional
> arguments building a spec file which can be used for the target
> distribution.
> The disadvantage of something like this is that you can't do a
> rpmbuild --rebuild.
> Including all the stuff in my "make specfile script" within the spec
> file is probably possible but the rpm macros required to do this make
> the package too ugly IMO.
> It would certainly be nice to have better packaging guidelines from
> the vendors so that at least at the packaging level the distribution
> differences (or different distribution versions) caused fewer
> headaches, but somehow I don't see that happening.
> Good luck, I hope you package is simple enough that you don't get
> caught out by some of the more irritating gotchas...
> Simon
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