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Rpmbuild fails with Floating point exception on Fedora core 1

Dear Friends ,

I am new to the list.

I am having some trouble using rpmbuild on my fedora core 1 box. I am trying to package an application into RPM, but rpmbuild fails with a Floating point exception ( SIGFPE) when it is trying to process the following two lines of my spec file :
%dir /var/www/abc

when run rpmbuild by commenting out these lines from the spec files the rpm is created successfully, but thats an imcomplete rpm since it does not contain the main files included in /var/www/abc in the build root.

I would be very grateful if anybody could point out where I am going wrong or whether this is some problem of rpmbuild. a related question to this could be does rpmbuild fail with the above error when it tries to packages belonging to unknown architectures ( like windows, OSX, etc. ) ??

Awaiting your replies

Thanks and regards,

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