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Re: rolling back 2 rpms which were installed with rpm --nodeps

On Monday, Dec 8th 2003 at 16:56 +0200, quoth sting sting:

=>On my system ,RH7.3. accidentally 2 (very important indeed) rpms were 
=>installed .
=>They were installed with rpm --nodeps
=>the 2 rpms are :
=>Now , I need glib-devel for development needs:
=>(for example, files like stdio.h , and other , which I need for compilation, 
=>are missing.
=>Is there a way to "roll back" so that the former glibc and glibc-common will 
=>be installed ?
=>(I cannot of course do rpm -e --nodeps glibc , because glibc is a dominant

Oo! Oo! (said Tooty to Muldoon)

I'm gonna take a stab at this one, even though I'm not qualified. (If I 
get it right this will increase my confidence and make me more dangerous.)

rpm -e --justdb stuffgoeshere

will get rid of the entry(s) from the rpm database. That will allow you to 
start with a fresh shot at using -Uvh.

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