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Re: Alternative approach-RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX

In regard to: Re: Alternative approach-RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX, Christian Goetze...:

>> Hi,
>> We are using Red Hat Linux 8. Our application RPM  is a relocatable
>> package. In the application spec file, we use RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX in
>> postinstall. With rpm 4.1, this environmental variable is not being set.
>> Hence cannot use this variable.
>> Is there any other way, we can achieve the same result as
>> RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX ? We tried to upgrade to rpm 4.2 but in vain.
>Did you get any answer on this? I am having the same problem.

RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX was just discussed on the mailing list last week, check
the archives.  Assuming your spec only specifies one Prefix:, you
probably want something like

if test X"$RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX0" = X"" ; then

at the top of your %post, and then you want to use RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX0
in your %post.

Check the archives for more details.

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