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Re: installing a PPC RPM in a local NFS-mounted root filesystem

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003, Paul Nasrat wrote:

> --root DIRECTORY

> Use the file system tree rooted at DIRECTORY for all operations.
> Note that this means the database within DIRECTORY will be  used
> for  dependency  checks  and  any  scriptlet(s)  (e.g.  %post if
> installing, or %prep if building, a package) will be run after a
> chroot(2) to DIRECTORY.
> Also using --root is different to relocations, as it does the chroot.

i've already determined that the one sample RPM file i wanted to test
this on wasn't going to work as it was non-relocatable.  grrrr.

not to sound like a complete idiot, but what's the rationale behind an RPM
not being relocatable?  given the growing popularity of using linux for
embedded solutions, it would seem that creating a personal NFS-mountable
root filesystem on a server would make a lot of sense, and it would
definitely require relocatable RPMs to construct such a thing if you want
it to be RPM-based.  obviously, non-relocatable RPMs would fail miserably
in this kind of situation.

anyway, i'm still looking to build minicom for a PPC board, so i'm still
open to suggestions.  time to dig back into my RPM book, methinks.


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