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Re: What could cause this situation?

On Sat, 13 Dec 2003 14:24:48 -0800 (PST)
Leila Lappin <damovand@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Initially I posted a question about not being able to
> find any MySQL package information through rpm system.
>  I have done some investigation and have more specific
> information now.  It seems as though the package
> information was somehow removed from rpm data base. 
> The following is what I've done the results I got.  I
> can find the name of the rpm file that is associated
> with the version of MySQL I'm running.  But that rpm
> file is nowhere in my system!  Furthermore, I cannot
> get any information about the rpm from rpm manager, as
> if something just wiped out the rpm from my system! 
> What could have happened and how can I go about
> rebuilding the information?  Thank you in advance 
> $ ps -awx | grep mys* 

Beware: this is wrong. The _shell_ will interpret '*' and try to expand
mys* to filenames that follow this pattern -- and will probably fail.

Try this instead:

ps -axw | grep -i mysql

This should list all packages installed which have 'mysql' as a
substring, regardless of case-folding (hint: 'man grep' is your friend)

> $ rpm -qi MySQL-4.0.12-0.src.rpm 
>               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
> $ package MySQL-4.0.12-0.src.rpm is not installed 

When trying to query package info, don't use the _package file name_ to
obtain the info. 'rpm -qi MySQL' should give you the info ou need.



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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