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Re: What could cause this situation?

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003 11:09:34 -0800 (PST)
Leila Lappin <damovand@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Andre, 
> Thanks again for the great information.  The grep
> information is definitely essential it could really
> change the results.  

Glad I could help. Don't forget to 'man grep' (if you're more fond of
GUIs, try yelp).

> I followed all your instructions with rpm, as you may
> note, replacing your example package with mysql. 
> Interesting is that this time I got MySQL client
> listed, no server.  
> 	$ rpm _qf `type _p mysql`

Don't know if this was a typo: '_' (underscore) are only used as
filename chars; you used '-' (dash) here, right?

>         $ MySQL-client-4.0.12-0
> And when I did rpmverify mysql I got the result,
> _package mysql is not installed_

You still didn't get it: the above command told you 'the mysql command
you asked me to find belongs to package MySQL-client-4.0.12-0'. The name
of the package is _not_ mysql. (I recommend 'man rpm' as well)

So, the correct query would have been:

rpmverify MySQL-client

Also, please note that you asked RPM to show you the package that owns
'mysql' (which is MySQL client, as RPM correctly showed). If you want to
look for MySQL _server_, you should look for mysqld.

Please try this out:

rpm -qa | grep -i mysql

This will show you _all_ MySQL packages installed (regardless of
case-folding). Then, all you have to do is 'rpmverify' them all (or 'rpm
-ql [package-name]' to list installed files).

> rpm database may not be corrupt but can it be
> overridden with a fresh upgrade of RH?  I upgraded my
> mysql and then upgraded RH from 7.2 to 9, could that
> cause the situation?

In this case, AFAICS your mysql would have been upgraded to RH9 version,
with no side-effects.

I still think your DB is fine, you're just confused and don't know how
to properly query RPM DB.

> Finally if you could help me out with most important
> part of the question, assuming that something has
> happened to lose the information about mysql package,
> how can I get back the information about my installed
> version?

First, make sure you clear all the confusion you're making. I do believe
all info is there, you just have to make the right queries.



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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