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Most stable version and contents of the database ...

Hello all,
   We are planning to use rpm for installing and maintaining our software on
an embedded system which has some restrictions on the amount of memory it
can have (both RAM as well as disk). Can anyone advice us on which version
of RPM can be considered most stable and quite lean in terms of its resource
requirements. We need only basic features of installing/upgrading based on
simple dependencies. I understand that 4.2.1 has a lot of problems.

   Also, can anyone tell us how big the RPM database will be if we use rpm
to install just 5 packages. Does the size of the database depend on the size
of the installed images/packages? Can the size of the database be
minimised/customised to store just the information we need. We only need it
to store the name of the package, the capabilities it provides and what
capabilities it requires.

   Thanks in advance.

Ram Prakash. R

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