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Re: Single RPM from multiple applications

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Eli Carter wrote:

> > Is this at all possible?  If so, can anyone point me to some docs that explain
> > how to build the spec file appropriately, or even just an example SRPM I can
> > look at to see how this functions?
> > 
> > Thanks muchly..
> > 
> Hints:
> Source0: Bar-1.3.tar.gz
> Source1: Baz-1.0.tar.gz
> ...
> %setup -a 1

Ah, okay.. I see how this can work.  I had envisioned something like having
%prep 0 and %prep 1, %build 0 and %build 1 sections, etc.. but I think this
will do the job just as well.  

I can have rpmbuild extract Baz's source tree into its own subdir inside Bar's
source tree, and then do './configure; make; cd; ./configure; make' in the
%build section of the spec file.

It'll take some experiementation to see exactly what happens to the CWD
between sections of the spec file, but this certainly gets me on the right

> HTH,

It did indeed.  Thanks again.

By the way.. having looked at a bunch of SRPMs in trying to figure this out,
it's become clear that Maximum RPM is less than complete in its documentation
of what can go into a spec file.  For example, I've noted the absense of
docs for the %configure, %make and %makeinstall macros ... is there an
authoritative reference of available headers, scriptlets, macros and
directives for RPM spec files somewhere?  The docs included on my system by
the rpm RPM are more of a changelog, and there doesn't appear to be another
reference on www.rpm.org

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