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Re: Problems compiling RPM 4.2.1 on Solaris 8

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003, steve muskiewicz wrote:

> [...]
> I've been trying on and off for the past few weeks to try and get _some_
> version of RPM 4.x to compile under Solaris 8 and it seems I hit a
> different snag with each one.  I've been over the list archives and
> looked thru Bugzilla, and although some of the patches/workarounds there
> go me thru a particular compile problem, it always seemed like something
> else would then crop up.  Very frustrating...
> [...]

Well, RPM is primarily developed under [RedHat] Linux, so you can
image that getting it to build and even run on other platforms often
requires some tweaking first. We've done this successfully in the
OpenPKG project for many platforms, including Sun Solaris 8.

RPM is already very portable in general, except for some areas. For
those you need a bunch of carefully crafted patches. You can either
fetch our patch set from http://cvs.openpkg.org/openpkg-src/openpkg/
(see files rpm.patch.*) and try to integrate them into your own build
environment to get a "raw" RPM on Sun Solaris 8. Alternatively, you can
just use OpenPKG (see http://www.openpkg.org/) and this way get a RPM
4.2.1 build environment out of the box. If you can help yourself in
patching programs, try the first. Else I strongly recommend you to stick
with the second because it has all porting problems already solved for
you ;_)

If you're unsure what exactly OpenPKG provides you
on top of RPM 4.2.1 please read the article under
http://www.openpkg.org/doc/articles/sysadmin/article.html for more
details. There you especially can see where OpenPKG's way of using RPM
slightly differs from the original RedHat way of using RPM. Just to make
sure you do not waste your time trying OpenPKG and later recognize that
it isn't what you want.
                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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