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Re: library rpms

On Friday 07 February 2003 02:48, Jim Knoble wrote:
> Circa 2003-02-06 20:15:39 -0500 dixit Lamar Owen:
> : (which is a symlink to ->) libpq.so.2.0 -> and libpq.so.2.2, as well as
> : libpq.a. The libpq.so symlink and the libpq.a static libs go in -devel,
> : and the versioned .so's go in -libs.  The libpq.so symlink is only used
> : during compile linkage.  To be pedantic.

> Even more pedantically, the only libraries that should go into any
> packages at all are:

> Let /sbin/ldconfig do what it's supposed to do, otherwise you could
> have "interesting" behavior when SONAME symlinks point back to a
> different library after an older package is installed.

In the case of PostgreSQL, I package the 'lesser' symlinks simply to make 
people's lives a little easier when doing a minor version upgrade (minor 
version of the libpq client library, that is).  As minor library versions 
will be binary compatible, it makes it easier for people to upgrade to a 
later minor PostgreSQL version without having to recompile php and whatever 
else is going to be using libpq.

And currently only a single version can be installed at any given time, 
enforced by dependencies.  That is also by design, as a major version upgrade 
of PostgreSQL requires more than typical data migration mungation.

> I also recommend putting shared libraries in packages virtually by
> themselves, so that multiple library versions (which, by definition,
> don't conflict) can coexist without any other conflicting files getting
> in the way.  For example, the way i package OpenSSL is as follows:[*]

Similar to the postgresql-libs package. 

However, I'll concede the PostgreSQL packages are yet another special case for 
some of this 'SOP' talk, and may not be the ideal example for 'how to 
Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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