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Re: Epoch?

I see, Thank You kindly for the heads up :) I haven't been using, just saw it in a couple of rpms I was updating and wonder what it was about.

Once again thanks



Joe Cooper wrote:

Michael Honeyfield wrote:

Hi there all,

I am just tring to find out what Epoch is meant to represent in a spec file. I have checked max-rpm and the mandrake rpm howto but they dont seem to touch on this entry. Could someone kindly clear up for me what it is?

It is an abomination (though a necessary one, I keep telling myself) wherein the packager can override all other versioning information. A package with an epoch trumps a package with a lower epoch, or no epoch, even if all other version information indicates a newer package is being replaced.

Don't use it. (Just a humble opinion. Red Hat uses it pretty frequently without too many disastrous results.)

It's perfectly fine to use the name of you pet or child as a password.
How ever, for the sake of security, make sure the names of all your pets and children contain several non-alphanumeric characters.

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