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Re: Installing RPM files to a selectable path.

For  relocatable  binary packages, translate all file paths that start
with OLDPATH in the package relocation hint(s) to NEWPATH. This  option 
can be used repeatedly if several OLDPATH’s in the package are to be

This should do the trick, man rpm, one extra step though.

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 11:14, Jeffrey Parker wrote:
> I would like to install the files in an RPM into a user-selectable
> path.  I don't see any option for rpm to make the RPM with relative
> paths that I could redirect upon installation.   Is there a way to do
> this?
> I could make and install to a /tmp directory then move the files but
> then the database would not be correct for an uninstall.  Any
> suggestions?
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