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Re: when to use one and when to use several SPEC files?

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 04:55, Steinar Bang wrote:
> If I wish to create more than one RPMs from a code base, should I use
> separate SPEC files?  Or should I cram it all into one spec file?

It's not really "cram".  RPM does a fairly nice job of making multiple
packages via a single spec file and tarball.

> I'm guessing the typical use of the single SPEC file/multiple RPMs
> model is where the packager is using a single tarball to create a set
> of RPMS?

Yes, this is the most typical use.  Of course there are other strange
packages that do other things.

> I build the current RPM directly from a CVS checkout of our project,
> so I may be better off by creating separate RPMs.  Especially if
> scriptlets and triggers are different.  Is this a correct assumption?

Building RPMs that you plan to distribute from a CVS checkout is
generally a bad idea.  At the least, the CVS checkout should be done as
a checkout from a specific date and time, and that information should be
included in the RPM so that people can find and reproduce the source
files.  Having an exact date for the checkout also makes it a bit easier
for developers to figure out if they've fixed a bug that someone is
reporting or not.  It's hard to make any specific recommendations beyond
that, without knowing more details about how the software is currently
set up.

Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc@linuxweasel.com>

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