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--aid option

Hello everybody,
I saw the --aid in the rpm man page (redhat 8.0), but I was not able to make it work.
For example, if I issue ...

# rpm -i --aid control-center-2.0.1-8.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
       xscreensaver is needed by control-center-2.0.1-8

... I would expect that rpm adds the "xscreensaver" package automagically to the installation, just like if I had issued:

# rpm -i --aid control-center-2.0.1-8.i386.rpm xscreensaver-4.05-6.i386.rpm

Is this correct or not??

I suppose that the reason why this does not work, is that rpm cannot find the correct "provides" info in the db, but how is possible to find the provides of a package (here is "xscreensaver") in the db if that package is not yet installed??

I feel i'm missing something....;)
Can you help me?


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