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Re: Some Basic RPM Questions


> pciutils.  Got that and installed it. Or so I thought. Ran rpm -Uvh on 
> the pciutils package, it was successful. Did the same for 
> kudzu-devel-0.99.86-1.... with the same results.  Tried running rpm -ivh 
> to install the kernel rmp and got errror: Failed denppendencies:
> kudzu <=0.99.81 conflicts with kernel-2.4.20-2.9.....

You upgraded kudzu-devel, which is not the same as kudzu (kudzu-devel is
a subpackage of kudzu containing development headers, libraries)). If
you upgrade to kudzu-0.99.86-1.i386.rpm that dependency will be taken
care of.

> kudzu version numbers did not match up between what I thought I'd 
> installed and what rpm was telling me was installed. Ran rpm -q kudzu 
> and was informed that I'm running kudzu-0.99.69-1.
> installed via rpm -Uvh 	kudzu-devel-0.99.86-1
> Failed Dependency error	kudzu <=0.99.81
> rpm query		kudzu-0.99.69-1
> Which is correct.

Both. try rpm -q kudzu-devel and you'll see the version/release you'd
expected to see for kudzu. All you have to do is upgrade kudzu package.

> Dumb question: If I install an rpm using rpm -Uvh my reading tells me 
> that it is installed and the old package is removed.


> Installed XFree86, successfully, using -Uvh and when I start X I am told 
> that I'm still running the older version of XFree86.  Someone please 
> help me understand.

try the following and see if all of the X packages on your system were

  rpm --qf '%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}\n' -q $(rpm -qa | grep ^XFree86)

all version strings beginning with '4' should match each other.

To see which other X subpackages may need upgrading, try this: 

  rpm -qa | grep ^XFree86

> If I successfully install an rpm from the command line, how do I make 
> sure that the new package is being used?

rpm -q $pkg_name will tell you which version(s) are present on you
system. If there's more than one version (except in kernel case) you
probably should have upgraded (rpm -U) instead of installing (rpm -i).


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