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RE: %pre problem!

You should build a relocatable package.
What I do is I give it a default directory in Prefix in my spec file.
When the user install, he/she should use the --prefix=<directory> to
override the default location.


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Subject: %pre problem!


I am new to rpm making and am seeing  a problem in making a rpm and

My requirement is:
I need some user responses, which I use further in postinstall. There is
"request" script on Solaris. I don't find a similar one on Linux rpm.

I added like this in %pre section:
echo "Please enter the directory, you want to install"
read my_install_dir

While installing, the script waits for few seconds, say 5, and then it
continues, without user entering something. How can I make it wait till user
types some response?

Please help!


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