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I had hoped to avoid sending a message to the list to get an answer to my questions, but keep running in circles with google and the API docs, so here goes.

I am trying to find some documentation on how to install a RPM. It didn't take long to realize that "Maximum RPM" was outdated, so I started looking for the replacement function for rpmInstallPackage(). I am assuming at this point that the function is rpmInstall(), so if I am wrong, please correct me.

I am finding conflicting function prototypes for rpmInstall(); the API docs on rpm.org have on version, and rpmcli.h on my RedHat 8.0 box has a different one. Basically I need some information on how to use this function, hopefully with some sample code that I can take a look at. Is there such a place to get this, or can someone reply with some? Thanks! :)


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