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Re: rpmInstall()

> I am finding conflicting function prototypes for rpmInstall(); the API 
> docs on rpm.org have on version, and rpmcli.h on my RedHat 8.0 box has 
> a different one.  Basically I need some information on how to use this 
> function, hopefully with some sample code that I can take a look at.  
> Is there such a place to get this, or can someone reply with some?  
> Thanks!  :)
Hi Adam, 

I have been recently playing around with the rpm api, and I gave
up on the docs really quick.  The best documentation for the api
appears to be the actual sources.  I would download the source tarball
and start poking around.  Here are a couple of hints I had to learn the 

	- examples of simple stuff is in the tools directory (even though
	  though they may not have been meant to be examples).  In 
	  particular to reading the rpm database tools/dump.c is nice.
	- lib directory is of course where the source for librpm is which
	  is the api.

You can of course look at the rpm commands source, but its trying to do 
so many things, sometimes its hard to see the forest for the trees.
On a positive note, the source is fairly well written, and thus is 
quite easy to read.  

Anyway this long statement boils down to "Read the source, Luke..."


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