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Problem with RPM package


I've a problem with my rpm configuration. Yesterday I tried to update my Mandrake 8.1 system trying to install a new version of fam and fam-develop. As it had a lot of dependencies, I decided (wrongly, I know...) to use the --nodeps option from RPM. It installed the package, but it didn't delete the old package, so I have two fam packages installed at the same time on my computer. None of them seem to work, because since then I haven't been able to start the KDE desktop any more.

I decided to remove these wrongly installed packages, but now, when I execute "rpm -e fam" it says that there are two packages installed and that this command is two ambiguous (error: "fam" specifies multiple packages). The computer doesn't know which package has to be removed from the system (in fact both would be the best solution) and it doesn't do anything.

So, please, could anyone help me to uninstall these packages, so I could reinstall the original packages from Mandrake 8.1?

Thank you very much!!!

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