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Re: rh-rpm] Segfault in rpm-4.0.4

On 17 Jan 2003, Peter Bowen wrote:

> > I am aware of no Release prefix of this form by Red Hat or any
> > independent packaging group -- who is the packager, and where
> > are the SRPM available?
> I'm willing to bet that the rlx stands for RLX Technologies
> (http://www.rlx.com/), makers of blade servers.

hmmm -- /me says 'rlx' out loud.  Relics as computers, ehhh?

ftp://ftp.rlx.com/ is empty

states in part that they provide: "Factory installation of
Linux 7.3 on RLX ServerBlades", and that: "RLX is committed 
to further development of the open source community. We 
utilize open source tools and packages in our Linux-based 
products and give back where applicable. Because of our 
commitment RLX supports both commercially available and open 
source versions of Red Hat Linux 8.0, 7.3, 7.2, and 7.1 
operating systems. RLX posts Open Source Kernel Module 
Packages for customers to download."  Moderately clueless, or 
just uninterested in Open source culture, one might guess.

I guess I have little interest in non-freely available 
sources.  net-snmp is characterized as: BSDish

Kirk will settle the accuracy of your willingness to bet.  I
decline to wager -- you look to have the willing side, Peter,
and I do not see how to structure a 'spread' <smile>

-- Russ

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