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Re: rpm version comparisons...

> Yes, basically correct, rpmvercmp et al have not ever changed in any
> meaningful way. Note "basically" and "meaningful", please.
> The devil is in the details, however. Are you looking at a specific
> problem, or are you just looking for general information? If specific,
> details please.
No specifi details.  I had two goals as I set out groking through the 
RPM code last night.

	1) Find out how RPM really does version comparisons and document
	   it for my group.
	2) Figure out how to write a tiny utiltiy that returns 0 if
	   an rpm package is newer than the one on the system, or 1 
	   otherwise.  I needed this for a shell script that was 
  	   generating manifest files for an upgrade.

On the second account I figured you might just roll your eyes if 
I requested someting like:

	rpm -qp --isnewer some.rpm

On the other hand now that we are talking about it, what be the chances
if I cleaned up this tiny program I wrote that it could find a useful
place in the rpm code?  That is as a seperate helper application that
other scripts could use.


> 73 de Jeff
> -- 
> Jeff Johnson	ARS N3NPQ
> jbj@redhat.com (jbj@jbj.org)
> Chapel Hill, NC
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