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Re: rpm version comparisons...

> One of the better aspects of the python API is its easy to get to the
> version comparison code.
> You could somewhat easily write the program in python to actually use
> rpmlib, instead of duplicating rpms algorithm.
Oh, I was not duplicating its algorithm.  I am using rpmlib directory
in C.  The long speel on what the algorithm was actually doing was purely
for documentation purposes (i.e. so when people ask my group 
questions about how versions are compared, we will actually have a 
clue (-;).

> The advantage would be not having to track possibly minor differences in
> the two algorithms. The disadvantage of course, is having to use rpmlib
> to crack open the two rpms and having to have the python-rpm package
> laying around.
Yeah, I wanted a tiny little program that depended only on rpmlib.  It seems
to work just fine.


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