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Re: Build path vs Install path...

> In regard to: Build path vs Install path..., James Olin Oden said (at...:
> >Problem is that the config file that configure generates I want to
> >use after the software is installed.  For instance, during build time
> >I_DIR might be /tmp/build/home/tracker, but once the software is intalled
> >it really lives in /home/tracker, but the config I generated still points
> >to where the rpm build root.
> It sounds like your config file is being generated as part of the install
> phase of your `make'.  Generate it as part of the build phase, and then
> make your install target depend on that.
Its already that way:

	./configure --I_DIR=blah
	make install

The problem is that when you run make install to build the RPM you are 
not really installing, so if I decide to place the config.sh file that
is generated from configure onto the system as a mechanism to carry along
the decisions that were made at build time, then anything that has a 
path that is built up by I_DIR (or the prefix) will be wrong because
the prefix at build time is not equal to the prefix at install time.

I think after further reflection that one must add a --BUILDROOT 
option to --configure, and then transform the paths in config.sh to not
include the build root.  All the time handling the case when 
the build root equal "/" or "".  Its not horrible, and its the only
way I can think to fairly generically handle this problem.


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