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Re: Exported wrapper functions

Fopen() returns an FD_t; which can
have a reference count. (see `FdLink()' I think)

It needs to be exported so that the user of
the api can open files with it and "feed"
api functions with an FD_t (this functionality
could probably be wrapped).

I'm not an `rpm developer' so I
won't "ramble on" too much but
I think this covers the basics
of your question.

(Funny how I never ran into Fopen()
while flipping through "Advanced 
Programming in the UNIX environment"
But I guess Stevens and Rpm could have chosen
something other that Fopen. Fopen
just seems so obvious).


"Adam H. Pendleton" wrote:
> Is there any particular reason that the RPM headers include unix
> wrapper functions in their public interface?  These functions, such as
> Fopen() and Stat() are pretty commonly defined as wrapper functions,
> since they are the wrapper functions used in all of Richard Stevens'
> books.  Is there any reason that RPM needs these functions exported,
> and if not, is it possible to remove them from the public headers so
> they don't collide with the commonly-used WRS wrapper functions they
> are copied from?
> ahp
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