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Re: make install is putting arch-specific files in bad places

These should be installed in ${exec_prefix}/lib/rpm, not ${prefix}/lib/rpm. On most installs, particularly single-system Linux installs, these are the same directory. On a network install for a heterogeneous site, they are not. Can someone who knows more about automake help me?

Maybe, matter of taste and style imho.

The executables are helper binaries containing various rpm modes that are
invoked using popt exec. As currently implemented, it's expedient to default
the invocation path to the same directory that contains rpmpopt,
namely ${prefix}/lib/rpm.

Ahh. So if I get these binaries installed under exec_prefix I will have to change the invocations, correct?

It's pretty hard to care about "network install" for a program like
rpm that has little clue about "network".

Well...not really. In fact it's usually easier to install programs that don't know anything about networks on networked disks. :) It's also the case that Solaris's tools for administration either suck or cost too much money. Hence my motivation for using rpm in this somewhat nontraditional way.

As for the "style and taste" issue, there is a reason why you can (theoretically) separate architecture-specific files from architecture-agnostic ones, and this is a place where you need to. The current setup is wrong with respect to what 'configure' advertises.

I have also made a bunch of other little changes to fix the other problems I was having with compilation (this is on Solaris 8 with Sun's Workshop toolset). I'll post those as patches when I can confirm that everything actually works.

Bugzilla, please.


Matthew Mitchell
Systems Programmer/Administrator            matthew@geodev.com
Geophysical Development Corporation         phone 713 782 1234
1 Riverway Suite 2100, Houston, TX  77056     fax 713 782 1829

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