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Re: File relocation/dupe file checking

w/ --prefix=/ that results in:
"//bin/bash" (Yes, I have verified there is a "//" stored in the rpmdb and such, which is of course a non-defined POSIX path, but it works w/o problems on Linux...)

Hmmm, there's a call to rpmCleanPath() that needs to be added somewhere deep in
the relocate code.

I can look into that... if I find out where it goes I'll send a patch..

Patch attached below:

--- rpm-4.1.orig/lib/rpmfi.c    Sun Jan 26 05:51:45 2003
+++ rpm-4.1/lib/rpmfi.c Sun Jan 26 05:50:09 2003
@@ -816,8 +816,14 @@
            if (relocations[j].newPath) { /* Relocate the path */
                const char * s = relocations[j].newPath;
                char * t = alloca(strlen(s) + strlen(dirNames[i]) - len + 1);
+               size_t slen;

                (void) stpcpy( stpcpy(t, s) , dirNames[i] + len);
+               /* Unfortunatly rpmCleanPath strips the trailing slash.. */
+               (void)rpmCleanPath(t);
+               slen=strlen(t);
+               t[slen]='/';
+               t[slen+1]='\0';
                if (actions)
                        _("relocating directory %s to %s\n"), dirNames[i], t);

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