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Re: rollback hosed by install/upgrade without --repackage...

> On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 11:33:09AM -0500, James Olin Oden wrote:
> > If one installed a package or two without --repackage, I would assume
> > that if one later used the --rollback option to go back to a time previous the 
> > update/install of these packages, these packages that were not installed/upgraded
> > with the --repackage option would not be part of the rollback.  And in this
> > case my assumptions hold true.  What I find troubling is that any other rpm 
> > transactions previous to the install of these rogue packages and post
> > the rollback date, are not rolled back.  It is as if the first time someone
> > installs or upgrades without --repackage, any knowledge of transactions 
> > previous to this rogue transaction is forgotten.  This I find most disconcerting.
> > 
> As warned, use of --repackage/--rollback on the CLI requires exactly perfect
> system administration.
So are you saying that the problem would be avoided by using the API, or through
some python/perl binding?  

On another note, I am not asking that the CLI or RPM solve cockpit error 
problems, just want it to make a best effort.  Imagine the following scenario.
We have machines deployed through out the world that are 
handled in a near perfect way concerning system administration.  We tell the 
customers of these "appliances" that they should stay off, or problems could occur.
Occasionally one them decides they know better than us (and who knows, perhaps
they do) and they get on the machine and do something they really should not.
In particular if that something is install an RPM that was not on the system
before (perhaps a monitoring tool or something), then we can't do rollbacks
to any point before the customer introduced this rpm into the system.  Eventually
we may figure out that the customer (or a new employee) has done something
unpleasant, but even if we do figure out who oopsed blame may still be 
pointed to us corparately.  

So it would be nice, if RPM could do a best effort approach rather than not even
trying.  But perhaps I am not understanding the problem fully.

> You can't rollback to missing packages anymore than you can repackage
> erased files.
> 73 de Jeff
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> Chapel Hill, NC
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