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Re: --test and --repackage...

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> Curiosity:
> 	What do you find useful about --test?

i use it to find out what subset of packages will be upgraded when doing
'rpm -Fvh *' on a large directory.  by adding an extra -v, i get to see
the list of packages rpm has chosen.  by adding --test, i dont have to
worry about the system being modified before i have a chance to hit ^C.

> I think --test is silly, traversing all rpm code paths but doing nothing.
> As a developer traversing all code paths is a feature, but for the life of
> me I cannot see or imagine any use of --test that could not be better
> provided through other means.

sure, if the functionality i mentioned above were implemented in its own
CLI switch, i'd probably never use --test again.  were not all of our
systems still running RH 6.2, i might try to write a patch myself...but


> 73 de Jeff

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